RTI Surgical Implants

RTI Surgical Implants

Tutopatch® Bovine Pericardium & Tutomesh® Fenestrated Bovine Pericardium

Tutopatch ® Bovine Pericardium and Tutomesh® Fenestrated Bovine Pericardium are non-crosslinked acellular collagen matrices offering a safe and natural biologic option and sterilized through the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

Tutomesh<sup>®</sup> Fenestrated Bovine Pericardium

Overview & Features


  • Sterilized through the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process
  • Graft labeled sterile
  • Validated viral inactivation


  • Equivalent strength to Veritas¹* and conformable
  • Dense, multi-directional collagen fibers²**
  • Low recurrence rate and minimal complications³***

Handling Properties

  • Five-year, room-temperature shelf life — no refrigeration required

1In Vitro and In Vivo Comparison of Tutopatch Bovine Pericardium and Veritas Collagen Matrix for Hernia Repair. Qing-Qing Qiu, PhD, Rasa Zhukauskas, MD, Rebecca A. Wachs, PhD and Amanda Ely, PhD.
2Kapan S, Kapan M, Goksy E, et al. Comparison of PTFE, pericardium bovine and fascia lata for repair of incisional hernia in rat model, experimental study. Hernia. 2003 7:39-43.
3Urbach V, Lindermann M, Shaheen I, Paolucci V. Data on file. Department of General Surgery and Visceral Surgery, Kettler Hospital, Offenbach, Germany.

*Lab data may not be representative of effects or performance in humans. 

**Performance data from animal models may not be representative of performance in humans.

***Clinical cases are unique and individual results may vary.

The Tutoplast Tissue Sterilization Process sterilizes and preserves bone implants, membranes and other soft tissue grafts used in hernia, dental repair and other procedures for implantation.

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