RTI Surgical Implants

RTI Surgical Implants

Fortiva® Porcine Dermis

Fortiva® Porcine Dermis is a non-crosslinked acellular porcine dermal matrix offering a safe and natural biologic option. Fortiva implants are processed through the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process and terminally sterilized via validated low-dose gamma irradiation to achieve a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6. Fortiva Porcine Dermis is a ready-to-use biologic implant that acts as a scaffold allowing for neovascularization and permitting replacement of the implant with the patient’s tissue.

Fortiva<sup>®</sup> Porcine Dermis

Overview & Features


Sterilized through the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process

  • Sterilized to SAL 10-6 via low-temperature, low-dose gamma irradiation
  • Ready to use: From package to patient, requires no rinsing or rehydration
  • Consistent thickness for uniform repair
  • Wide range of sizes including 35x35cm
  • Temperature indicator for quick indication of proper storage
  • Rounded corners for ease of suturing

The Tutoplast Tissue Sterilization Process sterilizes and preserves bone implants, membranes and other soft tissue grafts used in hernia, dental repair and other procedures for implantation.

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