RTI Surgical Implants

RTI Surgical Implants

Cortiva® Allograft Dermis

The Cortiva Allograft Dermis implants offer three important components of a tissue-based implant: consistency* and handling, reliable supply and sterility.*

Cortiva<sup>®</sup> and Cortiva<sup>®</sup> 1mm Allograft Dermis

Overview & Features


  • Cortiva® Allograft Dermis
  • Cortiva® 1mm Allograft Dermis
  • Cortiva® 1mm Tailored Allograft Dermis
  • Cortiva Silhouette® Allograft Dermis


  • Sterilized through the Tutoplast Tissue Sterilization Process
  • Graft labeled sterile
  • Validated viral inactivation



  • The Cortiva allograft portfolio has best-in0class thickness consistency.


  • Cortiva Allograft Dermis implants rehydrate in approximately 30 seconds.
    • Results in reduced preparation time compared to some other ADMs.


  • Cortiva allograft implants are preservative and antibiotic free.


  • RTI has invested significantly in increased processing capacity and optimization to provide a consistent supply.
    • Tissue will be available where and when it is needed without delay to surgeries.


  • Cortiva Allograft Dermis is referenced in multiple publications. Most publications are head-to-head against AlloDerm and showed Cortiva allograft to be comparable to AlloDerm. 1-5

Handling Properties

  • Five-year, room-temperature shelf life — no refrigeration required

*Data on file at RTI Surgical.

**Performance data from animal models may not be representative of performance in humans.

***Clinical cases are unique and individual results may vary.

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