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Ron Earley

Ron Earley

Kathy Earley lost her husband of 40 years, Ron Earley, to a massive stroke at the age of 62.

“Ron was my very best friend!” Kathy said. The amount of love he had for her, their two sons, his daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren was “immeasurable.” Ron also loved dogs and would often say he couldn’t imagine life without one.

Ron was a very outgoing person who loved people and life. “He never met a stranger,” Kathy said. He enjoyed telling jokes and making people laugh. “He also had a very soft spot for the elderly and the disabled,” Kathy said.

Ron had a love for baseball, fishing and bow hunting, and when he was younger coached and umpired for little league. “He also loved his Dallas Cowboys!” Kathy said. If he wasn’t outside fishing or hunting, he was inside watching sports on the TV.

Ron told Kathy in the beginning of their relationship that he wanted to be a donor. “It is a request I never forgot and honored,” Kathy said.

Kathy said the donation was an educational process for her. She was not aware that tissue donation could help others. “When I learned we couldn’t donate his organs, I was crushed,” Kathy said. “What a wonderful revelation when I learned about tissue donation.”

Kathy said donation can save and improve the quality of others’ lives. “Why not donate?” she said. “It is the ultimate gift one can give to mankind. Through Ron’s donation, he lives on in others.”