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Peter Jordan Pintens

Peter Jordan Pintens

“Dark brown eyes, shiny dark brown hair and a quick smile were Pete’s trademarks. Everyone who met Pete knew soon his friendliness, sense of humor and laugh. Some characteristics came from his mom, some from his dad, but Pete was a unique and enjoyable person. Pete attended St. Joseph Catholic Grade School, where he played football and basketball for the Spartans and participated in the school plays. St. Joe’s helped to form Pete’s faith – the staff, students, coaches and teacher, Bob Siebold. Pete played freshman football and wrestled on the JV squad for the Rice Lake Warriors. Reading books and watching movies were pastimes Pete enjoyed. Pete and his mother enjoyed talking over movies, books and life’s concerns during drives to and from town.

Track season was a couple of weeks along when on a sunny Saturday trail ride with two friends, sadly, Pete died in a snowmobile accident. Upon Pete’s death, his family decided to donate his tissues with the hope of helping other people. “Pete’s life was like a bright and varied patchwork quilt, a design not entirely known to us, sewn together with the thread of love for his brother Nate, his sister Hope, Mom, Dad, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

Pete’s life reflected his love of God and his faith. A kind and gentle soul, Pete, my son, your understanding exceeded your years.”

-Nancy Pintens, mother