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David Resendez

David Resendez

Kelli Resendez lost her husband, David Resendez, to a heart attack due to congestive heart failure at the age of 42. David was a father of four and grandfather of three.

David was smart, funny and a fun person to be around. He was a “great husband who treated me like a queen,” Kelli said. Providing for his family was always his first priority. “Being parents at a young age, he did an awesome job of taking care of his family,” Kelli said.

David was also extremely talented. He loved art, and although he did drawing and graphic design for a living as well as for fun, his real passion was for music. He started experimenting with turntables when he was 13, and from there on he could be seen making music at clubs and private parties all throughout his life. His DJ name was EZ Mix.

Working hard was very important to David, even while he was having fun. “We are so proud of the man my husband was,” Kelli said. “We miss the music!”

Kelli and her kids felt that donating “was a way for David’s death to help another family” and to somehow bring smiles to their faces, “knowing some part of him lives on.” David’s mother has always had problems with her eyes and legs, and the thought of her son’s death helping someone else overcome problems such as those was wonderful.

Although Kelli and her family were hurting the day they lost David, it helped knowing there was another family happy for their loved one to be receiving a donation. They made “a blessing out of a tragedy,” Kelli said.

While David and Kelli were very young when they first met and fell in love, they were happily together for 21 years. “He was a great friend, lover and my soul mate,” Kelli said.