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David Bunk

David Bunk

“I lost my husband and my son lost his father very unexpectedly. Dave had just turned 60 on March 9 and passed away on March 22.

It has been such a very difficult road to travel. Dave was such a giving and wonderful man and so easy to love. His faith was first and foremost in his life, and he was never afraid to tell or show anyone that. He loved and always found the good in everyone. He was a devoted husband and father and would have done anything for myself or our son, Dennis. I recall the day of his funeral, when many of his co-workers said, “you have no idea how much he loved you and Dennis,” and “he was so proud of you both.”

He was not afraid to die and always expressed his wishes of being a donor. He was a diabetic, so we knew that his donation opportunities might be limited. That is why tissue donation was the perfect option. He felt so strongly about donating; there really was no question, and it was the last request that Dennis and I could fulfill in his memory.

It was a very difficult time in our lives and a very difficult step to take, but it brought much comfort to us knowing that he is smiling down from Heaven while he watches someone else prosper from his gift. Even though he is gone, his spirit will truly live on, and that in itself is so very special.

I feel so blessed to have shared my life with such a wonderful, caring man who was always thinking of what he could do to make a better life for someone else. Because of Dave’s belief in donating and how it could be of help to someone else, his influence made for an easy decision for our son and I to also become donors.”

-Glenda Bunk, Wife