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Connelly Sanders, Jr.

Connelly Sanders, Jr.

Connelly Sanders, Jr., born in 1929 in Oklahoma, lived a full and happy life before passing away at the age of 74 while living in Marietta, Ga., with his wife, Rosemarie.

After he graduated from the University of Missouri and Texas A&M as a civil engineer, Connelly joined the Army as a Regular Army Officer in the Corps of Engineers. He served overseas in Korea and Thailand as well as two tours of duty in Vietnam.

“He had a distinguished and decorated military career,” says Rosemarie.

Connelly started his own engineering firm in Georgia after retiring from the military and was very active in his church.

“With his sweet spirit he positively impacted the lives of all of those fortunate enough to have known him,” says Rosemarie.

She says Connelly loved his family and friends very much and is sorely missed by them all.

“But there is comfort in knowing that he lives on, not just in our hearts, but also in the lives of those benefiting from his donated tissue,” says Rosemarie. “Connelly always had an open heart and wanted to help everyone.”