Learning that you need to undergo surgery can be scary. RTI is committed to delivering a higher standard to give you peace of mind about the implants your surgeon is using. 

Questions to Ask Your Physician

When preparing for surgery, it is important to remember that every surgery has risks and you should discuss any questions or concerns with your physician. Below are questions patients receiving a surgical implant may want to ask.

General Questions

  • What are risks associated with my surgery? What are the benefits associated with my surgery?
  • How long will I be in surgery?
  • What type of rehabilitation program is recommended?
  • What are the benefits of using an allograft, xenograft, metal or synthetic-based implant? Are there disadvantages to using any of these materials?
  • Am I a candidate for minimally-invasive surgery? What are the risks or benefits of minimally-invasive surgery when compared to traditional procedures?
  • Where are metal (plates, screws, etc.) implants manufactured?

Biologic-Specific Questions

  • Is it possible to use a biologic implant for my surgery?
  • Is there a chance of rejection? Will I have to take anti-rejection drugs if I receive a biologic implant?
  • How are allograft or xenograft implants processed to ensure my safety?
  • What company processed my biologic implant? What are the differences between the choices of allograft and xenograft implant providers