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Victor Lozada

Victor Lozada

Victor Lozada married the love of his life, Theresa, after having known her since he was nine years old. He then attended the University of Houston and joined the National Guard, but dreamed of having a career in law enforcement. Victor attended the academy and entered the ranks of the police department in 1988.

“Over the years he was involved in countless community service projects and did wonderful things for others,” Theresa says. “He used to dress up as Santa and I would be his elf, and we gave out toys together.”

In February 2008, Victor passed away after having an accident while on duty riding in the motorcade protecting Hillary Clinton in Dallas, Texas. He was 49 years old. Theresa and their four children discussed donation and decided that it was the right thing to do. “We saw it as a way for him to live on, and we wanted to give someone else a second chance,” she says.

“We want to tell others that it’s OK to donate – that there are so many ways you can help at the end of your life. It hurts that he went to Heaven but it feels good to know that he can help more than 50 people through his gift.”