RTI Donor Services

RTI Donor Services

RTI Donor Services is a not-for-profit organization that partners with tissue recovery organizations in acquiring donated tissue on behalf of RTI Surgical, with the goal of maximizing the gift of tissue donation to benefit recipients in need. RTI Surgical processes and manufactures the tissue into high-quality surgical implants that improve patient lives. Further, we are focused on investing in innovation to develop the next generation of tissue safety technologies and implants, in partnership with RTI Surgical.

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The Donor Memorial Pond, located at RTI’s facility in Alachua, Florida, serves as a tribute to the many donors and their families that make the gift of life through tissue donation possible. The beautiful pond also provides a tangible reminder to RTI employees and visitors of the generous families that have such an impact on the work we do.

The Tissue Donation Process

Recovery Agency Partners

RTI values our recovery partners who provide donated tissue. By working with RTI Donor Services, our recovery partners benefit from the science, safety and innovation of RTI Surgical.

Our focus is on delivering a high level of service to our recovery partners and developing safe, innovative regenerative health solutions that improve lives and maximize the gift of tissue donation. Support services offered to our agencies include:

  • In-depth technical training and education to include Continuing Education Units (CEU) programs for agency staff
  • Recovery support, including recovery materials and support for donor eligibility determination
  • On-call assistance, with 24/7 response to inquiries
  • Administrative, audit, and regulatory guidance and support
  • Tissue usage reports containing the status of donor tissue and transplant information
  • Comprehensive recovery feedback reports

Please visit our recovery partner portal for resources and reports available to our recovery partners. Contact your account manager for access.

RTI Donor Services Advisory Board

RTI Donor Services always strives to improve the quality and efficacy of our donation programs and services. The RTI Donor Services Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in the organ and tissue donation industry, with the mission of providing counsel and advocacy of RTI Donor Services in the donation community.

Pathways Program

RTI Donor Services participates in the Pathways Thank You Letter Program as a way for transplant recipients to thank their donor families and express the impact their donation gift has had on their life. Recipients are encouraged to write a letter that RTI Donor Services will forward to the recovery agency for sharing with the donor family. If you are a patient who has received an implant processed by RTI Surgical, please visit the Pathways website for more information on how to participate.

Voices of Donation

The generous gift of tissue donation can dramatically improve quality of life for recipients. Visit the voices of donation section for stories of how tissue donation and transplantation have touched the lives of others.