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RTI Surgical Europe

Tutogen Medical GmbH is the RTI Surgical German subsidiary that processes grafts for both United States and international distribution.

Tutogen Medical processes both allograft and xenograft implants to help patients in numerous countries. Tutogen Medical has more than 35 years of experience in providing safe, high-quality biologic implants for surgeons and their patients worldwide.  

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RTI is a company involved in the rapidly growing world of biotechnology and surgical implants. Join us and leverage your natural strengths and talents every day.

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Implant Definitions

Tissue (e.g., bone, tendons, ligaments, skin, heart valves) taken from one person for transplantation into another.
Tissue surgically removed from one area of a person’s body and transplanted in another site on the same person.
Animal-derived tissue (e.g., bovine or porcine) that is transplanted to a human recipient.